Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Conserve Wildlife Poster Contest Winners

It is always a pleasure to have elementary school students and their families visit Sedge. Although they come from all over New Jersey and don’t know each other, these students have a common bond of having researched and created art relating to an endangered species in our state. As each student describes his or her project to the others it is easy to understand how they all have a sense for the problems and issues faced by non-game wildlife in New Jersey.

The kayak trip in the marsh is always highlight for all participants, as many of them have never been in a kayak let alone paddled in a salt marsh. This trip was especially rewarding for me as one of the Sedge interns let the entire trip without my assistance. She did a beautiful job finding her way through the complicated channels and ditches. One of the biologists who has banded all the osprey in the area provided lots of information about many of the birds the group saw.

In the early afternoon an intense thunderstorm came in from the northwest. As we watched from the safety of the Sedge porch the storm blew out to sea without reaching us. Little did we know that three waterspouts formed over the bay just to our north. The threat was so severe that the park police forced the beach goers at Island Beach State Park to take shelter in the bathrooms

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